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5 Secrets You Have To Know About Fixed Matches In Sports Betting

You’ve probably heard of the term Fix matches or Fix games if you are a punter or a member of the many sports groups on Whatsapp these days. Everyone claims to have some sort of Fix games, that won’t fail no matter what and they sell it to people to stake and make money with it.

So What Are Fixed Matches Or Fixed Games In Sports Bett*ng?

In football, there are some games that the results are influenced by some stakeholders to turn things in their favour.  Most often Fixed matches happen in smaller leagues around the world. It’s rare to hear of a fixed game in EPL, or La Liga, but very common in smaller leagues in countries like Ghana, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Cameroon, etc because there’s not too much attention in such countries.

Fixed Matches are not always about who is winning a game. The popular predictions that most people fix matches on are Correct Scores, Halftime/Fulltime predictions, and Number Of Goals In A Game, Home Win, Away Win, and Draw predictions. Fixed matches are illegal so in most in cases, it is done with care, so no one suspects it, but for most fix matches, it is a win-win situation for all those who ensure that a game is fixed.—-What will happen is already agreed on.

There are unpopular ones which are pretty much subtle like Number of Corners in a game, number of yellow cards, Penalty in a game, etc.

Are Fixed Games/Matches REAL At All?

I used to think that, Fixed games were not real until I experienced it myself in my quest to find out. So yeah, people fix games for real, just that most people lie about having a fixed game when they don’t have anything except their own prediction. Most teams or parties fixing a match agree to it because of the benefits they get from it. In most of these countries where Fix matches usually happen, most of the players are not well paid, the staff are not well paid, so they agree to play the game in a particular direction just so they can make money by gambling on the agreed prediction which they have to play, those in it, stake and make the money.

Imagine Aduana Stars plays Bechem Chelsea. All things being equal, Aduana Stars would win the game hands now, but can decide to sell that particular game to either a betting company or the players involved may even decide to mess up the game for their own benefits.

So let’s say I play for Aduana Stars and I have been given odd of 1.4 as my win and Bechem Chelsea odd of 5 if it wins. If as a punter I stake Ghc100 on 1.4 odd for Aduana Stars to win, I get Ghc140, and my profit is Ghc40 but if I stake the same Ghc100 on Bechem Chelsea to win, I get Ghc500 and my profit is Ghc100.

Now as a footballer in such a small league that I am paid Ghc400 a month, I have to do something to be able to survive, so I can talk to some of my colleagues that we should intentionally mess the game and let Bechem Chelsea win, so we can all stake say Ghc1,000 each on the game for Bechem Chelsea to win, then that day we pretend as if we want to win but allow Bechem Chelsea to win.

Now imagine I borrow Ghc1,000 from a friend and stake the odd of 5, that will return Ghc5,000 and Ghc4,000 will be my profits. I can go into the game with my friends and mess up, lose and then I make money. My team will lose some points, but I have made my money.

That’s just one scenario.

Here’s The Secret About Fix Matches

1. Betting companies sometimes try and influence the results of a game just so they can make more profits when they notice a lot of people are betting on a particular game. Betting companies buy some games as well, and try and tweak the odds to sometimes confuse you.

2.Sometimes, the players decide themselves to fix the game themselves so they can bet on what they fixed and make money.

3.Sometimes, agents try and fix games using coaches, so they can sell such games to others to make money.

4. There are also times, that there are no Fixed games, but betting companies pay people to start spreading FAKE Fixed Matches around, to influence people to place max bets, so they can win. If a betting company gives me $1,000 to spread a particular rumors about a particular fix game, would I turn it away? HELL NO! so that’s what most people do, work for the bookies.

5.Then there are the SCAMS–Some people claim to have fixed matches but have NOTHING! Some are just mere predictions, that end up playing, then they get you to buy their so-called fixed games and make money from you.

6. True FIXED Matches don’t happen every day. Any source who tells you they can get you a Fixed Game every day is a LIAR!

Here’s How To Win When You Get A FIXEd GAME!

There are some sources that you can trust their Fix games. There are times that a particular fix game is almost close to winning then something just ruins it the very last minute and all your money goes to waste.

Don’t be greedy when you get a FIXED GAME!

1.Full time Draw Fixed Games Are The Most Dangerous and most often they are mere predictions. If you get something like that, try staking ‘Draw In At Least One Half’ to be safer.

2.When you get a Fixed Game that has more than 4 goals, in it, try and stick to say Over 2.5 goals to be safer. Sometimes you need to stick that smaller odd big than going for the exact number of goals. You get a 3-2 Correct score game or 2-2 correct score game, just stick to Over 2.5, and stake BIG, so in the unlikely event something bad happens, you know your goals will be locked.

3.When you get a  HT-FT prediction as a Fixed Game, the best option is to stake just one of it. Like it says 2/2 which means away team to win in both halves, stick to Away to win at least one half. You get 1/2 or or 2/1 stick to Home or Away to win at least one half. The trick is to always tweak things and reduce your risks.

4. Like I said some are REAL fix games when your spirit gives you that feeling, you can decide to stake your lungs on it.

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